Tuesday, June 16, 2009

APX Wives + children

This summer we have 23 wives....
...and 20 kiddies. wow! (some day we will get them all in one picture)
Lets just say that it is sometimes difficult for all of us to get together in the same room because we are always out numbered by screaming children. So finally, we had a sunny day to gather at the park and mingle while our children played.
Kelty loved this playground...she was like a little spider monkey in this web.
Walker was enjoying the limitless food that the wives had prepared. I don't think he went one second without a cookie in his hand.

What a fun evening spent with so many friends.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

iPhone moments

I have been meaning to go through my I-phone pictures and post my favorites... so here they are! I hardly ever bring my camera with me any more because I am sick of taking pictures, but there are always those moments where I am glad to have an i-phone that takes good pics.

The first photo was taken right before we left for new jersey... Almost every day when matt was gone I would take kelty and walker on a burley ride to the park. And when I looked back to see that both of them still had their sunglasses on I just couldn't resist a photo op.

This is a picture of kelty in her new fancy princess dress. Lately she had been to a few princess parties and I was a little ashamed of her princess (walmart special) attire, so when i was at the Disney outlet i found this dress for half off! Ridiculous! i know...but you should have seen the dresses that the other little girls were wearing.
This picture is taken at one of our favorite parks. I just thought that it was kind of sweet how all the kids in our group naturally flock together on the playground. We did not stick them all on the jeep...I just went looking for my kids and found them all playing together like this. Ellie, Kelty, Walker, Cody, and Levi(behind the jeep).
One of our favorite things to do in the morning is get a chocolate smoothie from the little breakfast cafe on the boardwalk. One day, on our way out the door from purchasing our smoothies, Kelty gave a long sigh (life is rough) and sat down in this chair to relax and drink her smoothie while we were in a stressful hurry to get down to the beach... the lady next to her started laughing so hard:)
After this messy incident, kelty and I eat our oreos after walker goes to bed. Sad, i know...but i promise he gets his fair share of sweets throughout the day.
There are so many charming little ice cream shops along the beach.
Walker playing with Harley, Sam and Lauren's dog.
I have countless beach pictures but I chose this one because I wanted to show off kelty's cute little dress that I bought in Cancun for like 8 bucks! I have been so excited for her to wear it.
Nicole's little baby is absolutely adorable!!! he has the most beautiful eyes.
When I go to sickles market I always buy the kids a sucker if they are good. Walker has been pulling the funniest faces lately.
This is Walker's new "CHEESE" face. Every time i have the camera on him he knows to say cheese!!
Found so brooms to play with at the park...
Finally, because it has been raining so much this week kelty has started building "sand castles" inside...she stacks her toys in little piles all over the house and calls them sand castles.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strawberry Days

Kelty has been talking about Strawberry picking all week!! She went straight to work when we got to the farm...I loved to watch her stick her tounge out as she picked the most rotten strawberries.
Walker, of course was in heaven!! The pictures probably describe his feelings about pick-your-own strawberries. ha ha

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good old Brusters:)

My favorite thing about summer is all the trips to the ice cream shop. Notice that walker has his pants off (he jumped in the water again!)