Saturday, April 24, 2010

Little Celebrities

I can't help myself...I was so bored today, i just sat and followed my kids around like the Paparazzi. And these stellar shades really made the kids look like little celebrities.

I was trying to capture the craziness that goes on when we visit the pool.

He didn't even see this snapshot coming.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pool TIme

Let the wild rumpus begin!!

The king of all the Wild Things is very satisfied with his new kingdom...our new pool is really awesome. Now all we need is friends to enjoy it with...kelty said to me on the car ride to Houston "I will get to play with all my new jersey friends?" then she lists them to me, "Ellie Peach, Ellie Pie, Cody, Brylee, Levi?" I had to break it to her that these friends will not be here this time...but we will be making new friends. She then proceeded to tell me that Nash and Levi are her boyfriends and Ellie Peach and Ellie Pie are her girlfriends.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Tulips

He almost picked this one, but I stopped him just in time.

Hunting for bugs.
For our last day here in Utah we decided to visit the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. There were only about 30% of the tulips in bloom today but we still managed to make these pictures look otherwise. The kids just loved running up and rolling down the hills over and over again. Kelty was on the search for bugs but sadly did not find any...she was playing with a whole family of potato bugs yesterday in the yard (she is very into bugs right now because she is learning about them at school). I have to beg her to not touch worms or spiders. Walker has to follow kelty's every footstep of course and so yesterday I had to stop him from picking up a wasp!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Easter and Conference was spent in st. george this year.

Just had to break out the scrapbooking one more time before i leave this summer.

Big boy bed!

Here is Walker's new big boy bed (which is really kelty's old bed). He has slept every night all night in his new bed without any problem (unlike Kelty).
So I bought Kelty a new adorable pink bed that I found for a 120$ in st. George...i thought it was an amazing steal of a deal since her old bed cost 250$ and it is very poor quality. I also couldn't resist the night stand and a matching dresser for another $150 bucks...oh how I hate to pay full price for something and then later find something better for cheaper!
While i was taking pictures i had to take this pic of kelty's "treasures" that she keeps on the top of her bookshelf. She finds random small out of place toys or objects that she thinks are such a prize to find and she calls them a treasure. Every night she puts them on her shelf or "safe place" for keeping.
I had to take a pic of my cute pillows that i found at TJ max in st. george. My room colors are sort of a misfit combination but i am working on it.