Thursday, June 26, 2008

It makes me so HAPPY!

Each of these was made to match an outfit of Kelty's so watch for them in upcoming pics.
Thank you to my sister in-law Megan for putting this cute craft idea together.
Courtney made the cute little Carrot clip (I just had to show it)
Today we made cute little felt barrettes. They were actually really easy and cheap to make...and a great way to ignore the fact that your children are crying and fighting all day long. So all you need is: felt, barrettes or clips, sequins, beads or pearls, and a needle & thread. Just in case you want to make them (i'm talkin to my bunco group sisters) you just cut out whatever shape you desire, hand stitch around the edges, poke the needle through the sequin and pearl and then hot glue gun the clip onto the back. They are too dang cute to pass up:)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Craft Night

Just looking at this table makes my brain sigh in releif (being crafty helps me vent)

On Friday the wives and kids got together and had a little crafty night. We made magnets out of wood, paper, buttons, glitter, ribbon, name it we probably used it! They turned out really cute and cheery:) It helps to have colorful decor on the fridge in our plain boring apartments.

Friday, June 20, 2008

New York New York!!

The Empire State Building

Time Square
On Sunday we finally visited New York. Its free parking on Sundays so we thought we might make the 2 hour drive to see the sites of the big city. We saw the Empire State building, visited China Town, went to ground zero, and ended the day in Time Square. Kelty kind of liked the big city. She was excited because there were alot of people all over and she got alot of attention from Chineese tourists.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Longwood Gardens

These are the Italian Water Fountains (soooo pretty)
Kelty is so sick of getting her picture taken.This garden was made of all kinds of geometric shaped trees and bushes.
Kelty loved playing in the children's garden. It was full of little water fountains and a maze.
This picture was taken inside the huge observatory. Inside there was rooms full of flowers and water falls.

There were 3 treehouses within the garden that the kids could play in.
When my family came we visited the gardens and the pictures my mom took turned out kind of funny, but oh well here they are:)
The kids loved to play in the big water fountains outside.
Longwood Gardens is one of the biggest gardens in the whole world (i think). They have water falls, water fountians, treehouses, and every flower or plant that you could imagine. And we are lucky enough to have them only 15 minutes away from our apartment, we will be visiting often.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What I Love about You

I love your cute adorable smile :)
I absolutly love your red hair.
I love it when you cry after every bottle because your still hungry no matter how much i feed you.
I love your wide eyes when you get excited.
Some people might think that i only have one child but really i have two little angels in my life. Walker is just always sleeping in his stroller when we are doing activities (I plan it that way). So i thought i might post some of my favorite pics of little Walkie Talkie. He is getting very big and round. He is always so happy and puts up with alot...what I mean is kelty(always smacking and poking the poor kid). Walker is really such an easy baby and learns really fast. He is already grabbing at everything, he can roll from back to front and he is really strong! Man i just love this little guy:)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Strawberry Festival

I tried to help Kelty find some ripe red strawberries to eat but she kept eating the white sour ones.

Walker went crazy over the strawberry I gave him. He started salivating the moment the juice hit his lips!

Today we went and picked ourselves some yummy fresh strawberries. There is a fruit farm close to our house that has lots of fun events to attend on weekends. You take a hayride out to the fields and pick your own strawberries and there is music, ponyrides, animals, and a fresh farmers market. Kelty loved picking strawberries...well she mostly just ate them. I would pick them and put them in the carton and then i would turn around to find kelty eating them all. I can't wait for the Raspberry festival next month!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Wildwood, New Jersey

Matt's sand castle was pretty weak compared to my sand castle (not shown because it was too cool!)

Our adventure for this weekend was traveling out to the New Jersey coast. On Sunday we went to Wildwood beach and relaxed under the sun (after church of course). There was 7 miles of exciting boardwalk to see... full of rides, waterparks, shopping, and games. Sadly Kelty did not like the beach. She cried every time we went near the water and it took her a while to put her feet in the sand. Cody and Ellie on the other hand had a blast!!