Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little Track Stars

This past month the kids have been training a couple of times a week to run in some races that are held at the university...They love, loved this. Kelty is VERY competitive and wants to win! I think she just loves the satisfaction of accomplishing something. She has a very hard time accepting anything less than first place but i think having her run in these races really helped her understand that participating is still fun even when you don't win. She actually really has a nack for running and she definitely has good endurance. Walker on the other hand is just happy with whatever...he just wants to be like his sister kelty, if she does it, he wants to do it just the same. They both ran the 50 yd dash and kelty ran the 100 yd dash. I think they both came in last for the 50 because they weren't paying attention to the starter and kelty got 5th place in the 100...i was just so proud!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poolside Luau

We have been playing a lot lately... at the pool mostly, because it has been hot hot! The husbands have been traveling far for work to Chattanooga and so the wives have been finding fun stuff to do as we pass (i mean enjoy) the time we have together. Courtney got caught up at walmart the other day and came home with decorations for a Luau! We drank Lemonade smoothies and the kids made their first attempt at the limbo...Ellie was so cute when she did it. After the party kelty kept telling me that it was the best party she has ever had...thanks to you court:)