Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happiest place on earth

We just got back from Disney World this week and it was so nice and warm! It was really a fun trip but definitely exhausting. We went to the Magic Kingdom the first day and it was sooooo packed with people that we probably went on 4 rides the entire day! Then we went to Hollywood Studios the second day which was also jam packed with people, then we went to Animal Kingdom which was my favorite and probably the kids favorite (we should have just skipped the magic kingdom and spent more time at the animal kingdom), the last day we drove to Coco Beach and the kids had a blast boogie boarding and playing in the sand. Even with long days of walking and walking in circles and waiting in long lines (even the bathrooms were a 20 min wait) the kids had so much fun...Kelty said her favorite parts were roasting marshmallows at the hotel's beach, space mountain, and the parade at the Animal Kingdom...Walker's favorites were the Dinosaur ride and when we bought him a dinosaur at the gift shop.