Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lake powell, vivint style

Lake powell this year was even bigger and better than ever!! We had four house boats full of beautiful vivint people and then one house boat full of our office. There was an amazing fireworks show, we had some professional cooks making all our meals, there was a full time DJ playing music in our little canyon non stop all day, the genius idea of the blob, we got to participate in a rigged volleyball tournament (kidding Nat:) and the only child in site was sweet little taytay! It was so fun and such a nice getaway from the kiddies. P.S. I will never go to lake powell without a hot tub again...soooo nice on those sore muscles...man i'm getting old.
This year at lake powell we had the blob for entertainment. People got thrown so high and twisted that one girl was coughing up blood after her crash landing...I did not participate in such foolishness.
Matt's ongoing excuse to have a mustache...
My favorite part of lake powell was all the quality time i got to spend smiling at Courtney's precious Tay Tay!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


In our last days in Tennessee we visited Nashville and took the kids to this awesome water park. They loved it because it had tons of waterslides just their size and a lazy river for kids. We also visited the Temple there with our ward and walker broke his finger while i was in the temple during a session. It was a fun trip besides the broken finger.